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Intermediate to advanced

Far from half-baked, the newest league product out of the Society kitchen is Scramble and it’s open to all handicaps. In this exciting and original format, we’ll be pitting you and your squad against a different team each session in a round-robin Singles AND Scotch Doubles all-out war. Have you been known to mesmerize the bar with your winning 8-ball skills? Or perhaps you’ve dazzled the masses with your 9-ball prowess? Either way we’ve got you covered. Each week in Scramble, we’ll be alternating between 8-ball and 9-ball, keeping you constantly engaged and anxiously awaiting next week’s throw down.

  • 4 persons play per night
  • Teams can have up to 8 persons on roster
  • $45 per player Seasonal Registration Fee
  • $18 Weekly Green Fee Per Player

Team 8 BALL (WED & THURS, 7:pm, 8:30pm*)

Beginner to Intermediate

Everyone’s introduction to pool. It has all the game’s essential elements in embryonic form: strategy, shot-making and position play. Baby’s got to walk before she can run. Have you ever been to a bar and seen someone holding the eight-ball table for hours as the quarters pile up? They laugh, play great and drink the tastiest beer, beer that is won. Have you ever, just a little, wanted to be them? We hope not. They are drunk and playing eight ball in a bar all night. Still, our eight-ball league will be nifty, beginner friendly, fast and furious. Nothing to lose but dignity.

Teams compete in weekly round-robin format with seasonal winners advancing to the ACS championships in North America.

  • 4 persons play per night
  • Teams can have up to 8 persons on roster
  • $45 per player Seasonal Registration Fee
  • $18 Weekly Green Fee Per Player


Intermediate to Advanced

Unimaginable shot-making, exotic position play. To send the rock three rails or nudge it a quarter inch, to cheat the pocket, to create the next perfect angle, to rip back six feet of draw, to cut the ball straight down the rail, to bring a tough shot in the guts of a game, to come back from the dead. These are nine-ball’s glories, and nine-ball allows no justice. It’s a war of attrition, a trance, a mind constantly washed clean. The same thing over and over, with each rack a tabula rasa where as long as there is money left prior sins can be redeemed.

The most competitive and lucrative league in New York City. Prizes include seasonal cash payouts, travel reimbursement to the ACS championships in North America.

  • 4 persons play per night
  • Teams can have up to 7 persons on roster
  • $45 per player Seasonal Registration Free
  • $18 Weekly Green Fee Per Player
  • Seasonal cash payouts


  • 20% off pool time, anytime with a minimum of 1 hour pool time
  • 50% off pool after league play* + Pool Happy Hour on Fridays + Saturdays, 4-7 pm
  • $1 off drinks during leagues play
  • Participate in league exclusive tournaments
  • Weekdays $35 flat rate* from 11am-5pm
  • Night owl specials $32 flat rate* from 10pm-close

*based on availability

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In 2012, the road to the American Pool Players Championships in Las Vegas, Nevada went through Society Billiards. Our three Diamond Smart Tables are equipped with Simonis Cloth and Super Aramith balls. No obstructions, no short cues, no heavy cue balls and stadium seating on all sides.


The NAPL is a new and exciting league started by Professional Player Tony Robles which was designed to expose players from beginner to advanced levels to this beautiful sport. The league runs on Wednesday nights and the NAPL awards over $10,000 in cash and prizes every season.

Please visit Play NAPL for more information.


Founded in 2008 the Megabucks Amateur Pool League (MAPL) is now considered one of the fastest growing BCAPL sanctioned singles-team combo coed leagues around New York City. With our unique handicap points system our members are able to compete on an equal playing field regardless of skill or ability. The idea of treating amateurs as if they were pros is a wonderful concept towards the enhancement of the sport. The MAPL puts the average person on a stage that was once considered unreachable.

Please visit Go Play Mega for more information.

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